August 17: Epilogue

Unpacked and read the papers and balanced the checkbook. Cooked steak and corn and drank champale.

Marge Binder, August 17, 1969

Steak and champale, both well-deserved after 62 days of adventure-making for her three boys. As for balancing the checkbook, I won’t attempt to explain that here. I’m sure there are a few thousand historical blogs about what that means.

We are at the end.

As you know by now, this trip resides deep in the Family lore; and I wish it could resonate for generations of Family to come. Alas, our Family has grown smaller in recent years. Mom, Mike and I are the lone survivors of the trip; and Mike and I have no children with whom to share the tales, the truths and legends. With this blog the story ends. Again.

I hope the spirit will live on.

Thank you for the warm and fun feedback along the way.

Here are a few of the comments the blog received that best capture and celebrate Mom and her Epic Adventure.

“A Saint” and More

Your mother is a saint!!! A saint.

Kathi Chaffee Donegan

Your Mom was so self-reliant at that time, with you three boys, she is truly amazing.! Yes, a saint.

Eileen Harrell

God love Aunt Marge… what a woman!

Susan Chaffee Tucker

Your mom is a brave soul – a fearless trail blazer! 

Susan House

Your mom is an amazing, patient, loving soul and I’m very touched by your family’s experience.

Paul Vroom

Such a grand lady! …a true pioneer of her times! 

Kim Anschultz

Your mom was a brave and amazing woman.

Kit Conover

Marge Binder is a total badass

Lisa Sanders

The Trip

👏👏 To your Mom’s epic adventure. Thank you for giving me a peek into your travels with your incredible Mom. She’s really something special.

Kathy Root Zauss

What wonderful memories she created for her entire family. Takes a very special person to drive cross country…camping with children.

Barbara Willick

The memories of your trip will be interesting reading. Marge was brave to set out on this adventure with their 3 boys.

Sally Van Atta

What a lifetime of memories. You are a lucky guy…! ❤️

Pam Stadden Trask

Awesome trip! Cheers to Maw and her determined spirit. 

Bill Samson

Love hearing about this Amazing vacation !

Joan E Smith

“Exhausted”. Probably the greatest understatement of all time! 

Tracy Toth

Enjoying your chronicles and raising a virtual glass of Champale to your fearless mom!

Jennifer Richman Jacobson

On Backstory

That “Courting at CMU” pic is remarkable. Everyone should have a “parents courting” pic that shows just how much fun their parents had before we kids came and messed everything up. Your mom’s smile is so infectious. Just awesome

Bill Samson

On Writing

Your Mom’s droll diary entries are killers:) Makes me want to write that way.

Kathi Chaffee Donegan

This is one road trip I hate to see come to an end. I can’t express how much I’ve enjoyed reading your mom’s journal of this crazy adventure along with your witty narrative. 

Lisa Sanders

Your mom’s writing is so like Hemingway’s. Straight, to the point, without her really knowing. Makes me smile, laugh, and so much more.

Eileen Harrell

I love this. “The boys swam. Our men walked on the moon.” Just so matter-of-fact.

Molly Hodge

…beautiful and calming.

Karl Harris

That Iconic Photo

No words.

Mike Goldenberg

You made my day with this one buddy. Top shelf writing here and you’re right; she’s beautiful!

Bill Samson

I love this! I can picture the slide show and the moment when this picture came up. It is a total gem – as she clearly is herself.

Mallory Archer Samson


What an amazing tribute this is going to be. I’m crying already.

Tara Griffin

Marge is awesome! Maybe I’ll do it! Think she’ll loan me her tent? I’ve got the boys to fill it! 😉💕

Kristin Stone Palmer

Makes me want to load the girls up in our Flex and drive cross country.

David Mauroff

Omg that’s amazing she did this !!! AND kept a journal!! What a testament to her that you are recreating this.

Dianna Scardilli

This is one road trip I hate to see come to an end. …As a mom of 3 boys, I can’t even begin to imagine 62 days in a car or a tent with them. …You Binder boys are incredibly lucky to have such an amazing mom. Thank you for sharing this. I’m sure it means the world to your mom, too.
Okay…I’m not crying. You’re crying.

Lisa Sanders

Thanks for riding along.

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