August 10, 1969: “Talked till 4AM”

Harold cooked us a big breakfast and fancy dinner. Mike visited the store a lot. Left about 5 and stopped at Dee’s. Talked till 4 AM.

Marge Binder, August 10, 1969

Dad and Harry Reed were newspapermen together at The Pontiac Press in the 60s. They became lifelong friends, even after Dad moved to The Detroit News. And the spouses did too. Mom and Dee Reed became creative and business partners, as well as friends. They staged puppet shows around southeast Michigan until we moved to Virginia.

It’s no surprise that Mom and Dee would have talked until the wee hours on this visit. They did this every time they got together in the decades that followed, along with Dad and Harry, playing bridge and hitting the Jack Daniels (I’ve been told). Sadly, Dee passed away a few months ago, and Harry several years ago.

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