July 5, 1969: Santa Monica

This is the end of the line. Route 66 (and now Interstate 10) merged with Colorado Avenue and then ushered (dumped) you onto the Santa Monica Pier. Fun Fact: The carousel scene from “The Sting” was shot here.

Washed. The boys played miniature golf and went on a big slide. Drove to Santa Monica where they played in the surf. Ate out of the cooler plus treats.

Marge Binder, July 5, 1969
Mike and Tim in the surf at Santa Monica (maybe but probably not).

Thirty-four years after the original Epic Adventure, Maw reprised it in the passenger seat alongside daughter-in-law Gina and grandkids Richmond and Helen. They made better time and stayed in motels (and I hear the kids didn’t think much of the Grand Canyon either).

It was joy to host them at my place in Santa Monica, a place I dreamed of living since my first visit in ’69. (Yeah, yeah, BS. But it was a wonderful few years living in Santa Monica, right off Montana Avenue and five blocks to the palisades and the beach!)

Here is Maw reenacting her 1969 visit in 2003, along with the grandkids.

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