June 24, 1969: The Finer Things

Mom calls out a few of the “deluxe” campgrounds we stayed at, usually every third night. This one as $5.20 for crying out loud! It was a far cry from modern-day glamping, but I’m sure it provided her (and us) with some comfort, a hot shower and something in the way of a “flush” toilet.

Also note Maw’s shout-out to the AC in the car. Talk about the finer things! Turns out that in 1969, only half of cars sold in the US were equipped with air conditioning. Want to know more about air conditioning in cars? Check this.

Crossed Texas and began seeing desert in New Mexico. The air conditioner as much appreciated. Stopped at a deluxe place in Tucumcari with pool, free ice, showers, shade etc. ($5.20)

Marge Binder, June 24, 1969

Also from Woodall’s Guide is this key to amenities’ abbreviations. Good to know if you’re game for a “pit toilet” or are looking for a place that provides “wading.”

And here’s a look at the site of Coral Campsite today (in maps and the web). Appears to have gone out of business not that long ago, after reverting to its Cactus name.

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