June 17, 1969: Tents, Tarps and a Party Barn

Wet tarp gave us trouble again. Got a 10AM start and stopped for breakfast. Reached the Whitneys in Cincinnati about 2 and talked til 7. Had a lot of trouble getting the tent up at Conway’s party barn. Finally the owner helped us. Rained in the night.

Marge Binder, June 17, 1969

I found this ad (below) in the 1969 Woodall’s Guide. Sounds idyllic and about as well-equipped for the times as we’ll see anywhere on this trip. I didn’t realize until now that we missed out on square dancing, but I’m sure we made the most of the flush toilets.

I know Maw was doing her best with the tent, but I imagine we three boys were just kind of standing around waiting for dinner. I suppose Tim pitched in. Also nice to know that the owner was willing to help out. Near as I can tell, Conaway’s no longer exists. Sounds like a nice place and nice people.

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