Day One: June 16, 1969

Finished loading. Started about nine. Had lunch in Bedford, PA. Reached New Concord, Ohio campground about 5. Tim fished. Mike and Doug swam. Cooked supper. Cold and damp.

Marge Binder, June 16, 1969

And…we’re off! 357 miles was a long one; Mom aimed for 300 on average. Other than that, this seems like a typical roadtrip day: drive, eat, camp, fish, swim, eat. But don’t be lulled into routine just yet. No snakes have been captured, pee jars toppled or poison ivy suffered. And Abe Lincoln is still dead.

We’ve only just begun!

(Check out Maw’s reflection!)

Just occurred to me that this anniversary starts on Father’s Day in 2019. And Dad will be featured in the narrative in a few weeks, when we meet up with him in California for the west coast swing. But for now. it’s all about Mom!

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