Counting Down…

June 6 – 15, 1969

In the days leading up to June 16, and the official launch, Mom offered very little insight or anticipation about the trip. Her diary lists the mundane errands and everyday tasks. Mike and Tim finished school, she visited the dentist, hosted a neighbor for coffee.

She also mentions fighting “with Chevy” and “fought with Chevrolet,” I suppose about repairs and upgrades needed for the relatively new station wagon that would carry us across country. It would also serve as sanctuary during especially bad storms at night.

On the 13th and 14th, Maw was concise and repetitive: “Hot. Organized all day…etc. etc.”

No where in here does one get the impression that Mom was concerned or excited about the nine weeks that lay ahead.

Throughout this blog you will find photos whose origin are in question but that also bolster the narrative in an authentic way. That’s me, my brother Mike and the Chevy, along with some cargo. I cannot confirm it has anything to do with this trip.

On the 15th, she covers Father’s Day and the meal she cooked. Her writing ends with, “Loaded.”

And then we were off…

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